Moral Story of Toymaker and His Daughter

the Toymaker and his daughter long long
ago there lived a poor toymaker called
Vinci with his daughter in a small town
Vinci’s daughter Alana was born blind
and as a father he had vowed to turn her
lack of vision into a blessing
my daughter has enough whoa I shall not
add to it and instead make her believe
she has a beautiful beautiful life Papa
what is this
oh this it is a beautiful princess doll
just for my little prince ails is she
prettier than I is her dress prettier
than mine oh no she is known as pretty
as you are and nor is her dress is brand
as yours thank you papa
tell me about our house how does it look
how big is it
well our house is now very big or it
would be such an effort to leave you at
home and go to a workshop so I have
converted half the house into the
magnificent toy workshop
do you know ours is the grandest toy
workshop in the entire kingdom our cat
master pleads with me to move to a
bigger home with such a grand workshop
come home should suffice
don’t you think mine too your daughter
again Vinci I told you how our masters
son is so funny
yeah you should see how he is winking at
me and you should see is mischievous
yes master Pierre father is Singhji you
pay him
but this is only he is cut your salary
for the two days you took off work but I
made up for it by working longer can my
father help it if you were so slow and
in this way the years went by and Alana
grew up hearing stories of how her
father was a handsome healthy man how he
was paid a big salary by his kind master
how her home looked so grand and how she
wore some of the prettiest dresses in
town our years our salary how long and
in advance
it is Alana’s birthday in a few weeks
heater another piece of trash and
convinced her that it is gold she
believes anything you say give me an
advance and I shall work thrust as much
for the next six months start the work
and then we shall see so it came to be
Vinci’s logged four months and was
finally able to earn enough to buy his
daughter a pretty necklace
but just to make Alana feel more loved
he lied to her happy birthday darling
hey what is this Papa this is a necklace
master tackle Tintin brought it
especially for you he really was very
sad that he couldn’t be here to wish him
if his father was can tackle T jr. is
even more so he really is very fond of
he is very kind
hearing about the kindness of her
master’s son Alana was secretly
harboring affection for him she thought
that the master’s son genuinely cared
for her
then one day hey I hear you have some
friends coming over to see you today
yes Wow I would like to join you surely
I should be delighted yes I want my
fielding to have some more company of
women once I marry her she would love to
have friends around here what
hey of your ears to stop hearing I’m
getting married huh looks like it is
time to tell her the truth
oh my she’s gonna hey father
have you seen Mayfield it yes is she
pleasant Mattern behavior she can’t very
tech did junior like me
why else would he send me a gift for my
birthday and the why else would he be so
good to be all I loved goodness are you
hurt my angels don’t make me do this no
mate hurt my daughter even more she will
hate me when she hears that I’ve been
lying to her maybe father being blad I
do not deserve to be loved
I deserve wholly to be looked at with
compassion no don’t it all Alana I have
been lying to you all my life will you
be able to forgive me lied to me about
and Vinci told her everything how he had
lied to her all her life about their
home about their life about their master
you grieve for a man who does not
deserve your love I am sorry please will
you forgive me I was only trying to make
you happy in that I know I realize I
have lurked you even born will you ever
be able to forgive me my beer father I
thought you were my eyes that you have
kept me blinder than what I am
didn’t you trust me to be strong I could
have helped you make our lives better
sorry I should have trusted you but I
couldn’t bear to hurt you would show you
what a miserable existence we have I
know what you did was to make me happy
all the pain you bore all alone just to
see me smile thank you so much the
promise me now you will let me take care
of you you will let me help you and you
will treat me not as a hapless blind
person but rather your princess who was
strong and wise huh promise and so it
came to be the Toymaker let Alana help
in making toys and soon they made enough
money to buy a house of their own but
kudos to Alana she could have bewailed
her fate and kept feeling miserable
about her life but instead she chose to
forgive her father and make her own life
together this is true strength and
courage isn’t it

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