The Monkey and The Crocodile – Moral Stories | Short Story in English

Once upon a time in the center of the beautiful forest there was a freshwater river, in the river there lived an old crocodile.

He was not able to hunt any more because he was old and weak.

One day Crocodile was hungry

Crocodile: Oh it is very difficult to hunt on land now. Than he sat under a tree.

A monkey saw the crocodile and asked ‘Why are you sad Crocodile’.

Monkey said take some apples. They are very tasty.

Crocodile Said Thank you dear monkey. Can you please give me these apples everyday?

Monkey: Ok Crocodile!

And the monkey gave the crocodile some apples and the crocodile eat the apples everyday.

Crocodile : One day thought to eat the monkey heart. So he thought an idea.

He asked the monkey that my friend wants to meet with you.

The Monkey was happy. And said ‘Yes, I will be very happy to meet with your friend.

Monkey sat on the crocodile’s back. But when they were in the center of the river. Crocodile told to the Monkey that I want to eat your heart and now I will eat your heart.

The Monkey thought of a plan. And He said to the Crocodile “Crocodile but I forgot my heart on the tree.

So the Crocodile said that go and bring your heart and give it to me.

The Monkey said that “what a foolish crocodile you are. How you can we take the heart from the body. And I gave you so sweet apples every day but now I will never give you those apples now. You are not my friend.

The Crocodile was very hungry and realized his fault.

Moral of the Story: Everyone should think thoroughly before taking any decision.


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