The Proud Peacock – Bedtime Moral Stories For Kids

The Queen Peacock was very beautiful. And when she danced in the rains, she looked even more beautiful.

        The whole jungle would come to see her dance. All animals used to surround her and watch her dance in all her glory. There would be simple admiration in their eyes when the queen would spread her feathers and her feet began moving with the thunder of the rain.

     But they would often get angry at her. Thanks to her popularity and rising number of audiences from wide & far, she would often throw tantrums.

    Many times she would refuse to dance even though so many animals in the audience had already assembled.

    This proud and arrogant attitude of Queen Peacock would hurt her best friends, the Croaky Crow and Mad Monkey the most.

   Though the trio of Queen, Crocky and Mad Monkey were famous in whole jungle as ‘three best friends’, Crocky and Mad were most disappointed when Queen would hide herself among the bushes even as Rabbits, Deer & Elephants had all waited for hours to come & perform a dance for them.

    After all, Crocky Crow would fly the farthest and Mad Monkey would run around whole jungle the most, to advertise the beauty and grace of the dance of Queen Peacock. But Queen would simply not move, even when Crocky and Mad had tried their best to convince her.

   Many a times, all animals would return back disappointed when Queen would let them down.

  One day, Crocky and Mad decided they have had enough of Queen. They decided that they are not going to be friends with her anymore.

   Queen couldn’t care less. She didnt think she needed anybody. Hence, their beautiful and old friendship came to an end.

  Crocky and Mad were very sad. They had begun to stop chatting like before and became quiet.

   Long time had passed. Summers were at their peak and one day, dark clouds finally began to assemble in the overhead skies.

   Croaky Crow and Mad Monkey began to think that Queen would definitely dance today. They decided they would watch her dance from a distance lest she says something bad to them.

   They went to the place where Queen used to dance and were happy to see her standing there amidst the dense trees.

   But neither was she dancing, nor had she even spread her wings. This was inspite of dark clouds roaring like anything. Even few drops of rain had started trickling down.

  Both of them were surprised. They decided to go closer together.

   Finally, they came very near to the Queen. They were shocked to see tears dribbling down from her eyes.

   When she saw them, she started crying badly. Both of them asked her the reason for her crying.

   She pointed out to her feet. She was caught in a trap set up by a hunter.

  Crying badly, she told them that she had come here for dancing, not able to stop herself after seeing dark clouds after long, and didn’t know a hunter had set up a trap on the ground to catch her.

  She also told them, howsoever hard she would try, she was not able to free herself and instead was getting more and more entangled.

  She feared hunter would come back soon and take her along with him and sell her to some butcher.

  Listening to all this, Mad Monkey began to cry too. But Croaky Crow stopped him.

  He said this was not the time to cry. Hunter might come soon and before he comes, we have to do something.

  Mad Monkey said what could we do. We cannot free Queen from this trap. In fact, if we try, even we might get caught in it.

  Croaky suddenly let out a loud cry. A brilliant idea had struck him.

  He asked Mad Monkey to go and ask all the rats in the jungle to come immediately and start cutting the trap with their sharp teeth while he would fly and keep an eye on hunter to see if he is coming back.

  Queen didn’t seem interested as she felt this was an impossible thing to attempt but Mad Monkey was already on job.

  In no time, hundreds of rats came running out of their holes on one single call of Mad and Mad explained to them what had to be done.

   Rats clustered around feet of Queen and with their sharp teeth. They cut up the whole trap in no time.

  What nobody realized was constant crowing of Croaky Crow. He was constantly trying to warn all of them that hunter was on his way and right now, was standing right in front of them.

   Hunter was very angry that rats had torn apart his trap. He took out his bow and arrow and aimed for the Queen.

   But surprise of surprise, Queen spread apart her feathers and immediately flew up to the high branches of the trees.

   Hunter turned out to look for her but she was gone. He could only scratch his head in bewilderment as Croaky Crow continued to tease him by constantly flying around his head even as Mad Monkey jumped from one branch to another of the trees.

   Hunter had no option but to return back empty handed even as for one more time, the three friends, the Queen, the Croaky and the Mad assembled together in the middle of forest and started dancing under the rains.

   And this time, Queen Peacock promised she would dance as long as her best friends, Croaky & Mad, would want her to.

   And around them, all the animals in the jungle clapped in unison cheering the reunion of three old best friends.

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