Lonely Swetha Moral Story for Children in English

Everybody used to think that Swetha was a very lucky girl. She lived in a very big house, she had many servants, she went to the best school in town and even her parents loved her a lot as she was their only child.

But still her parents were very unhappy when they saw that Swetha would look sad most of the time. They would try to cheer her up, they would take her to the best malls in town and buy her whatever toy she would want. But still, Swetha would look unhappy most of the time.

Her mother would often ask her the reason for her unhappiness but she would always say that she was fine and there was nothing wrong. Whenever she would come back from school, her mother would ask the servants to play with her so that she would feel better but even they would get tired trying to cheer her up and then give up.

One day, Swetha’s aunt came to stay with them for few days. Even she noticed that Swetha would hardly smile the whole day and stay aloof in her room.
When she asked Swetha’s father, what was wrong with her? He replied even they didn’t know but were very worried for her.

The Aunt suggested to them that they should show her to some Doctor as she might be having some problem.

At first, Lavanya’s father dismissed the suggestion but when her mother said that she agrees that they must show her to some good Doctor, they decided to see one.

Next day, both her parents took her to the best Doctor in town.

The Doctor heard all their problems and examined her. He ordered a few tests and ask them to come next day.

Next day, the Doctor told them all the tests were normal and he has diagnosed Swetha’s problem and she will get well very soon.

He asked Swetha to go and wait outside in the waiting room while he talks to her parents.

After Swetha left, he asked her parents whether her teachers at the school complained if she was sad and lonely while she is in school too.

Her parents said they were very surprised that teachers had never complained anything about Swetha and instead said, she is quite happy in school.

The Doctor then explained to them that even though you buy her expensive gifts and tell your servants to play with her, she wants to play with children of her age only.

Her mother immediately interrupted to say that this is true that Swetha has asked her many times whether she could go and play with other children in the park.

But she confessed that she didn’t allow her to go as she feared that other children might not be that good and she was also scared of letting her go there alone. But she said that was a long time back.

The wise Doctor replied that her concerns were genuine but she must understand that children love to play with other children of their age only. And if she wants her daughter to get well, she must send Swetha to play with other children and if possible, invite other children to play with her at their home too.

Swetha’s father understood what the Doctor meant. They thanked the Doctor and while coming back home, dropped Swetha at the park near their home where other kids were playing.
Swetha was surprised to hear her mother say that she can play here as long as she wished. Swetha immediately rushed to join the other kids. Her father was so happy to see her playing.
When Swetha returned back home in the evening, she looked very happy after a long time.

Next day, her mother asked Swetha to invite all her friends to home. Swetha couldn’t believe her ears. When his father returned home, he could hear Swetha’s voice was the loudest among all kids playing in her room.

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