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Moral Stories for Kids

Many years ago, Kapoor ji lived…
in the city with his wife and daughter Pinky.
Kapoor ji was a good man.
He took very good care of his family.
Papa, I want a doll dressed in pink clothes.
Okay Pinky. I will get one for you.
But Kapoor ji was a lazy man too.
He loved sleeping.
And so would sleep till late in the morning.
And he would be late for all his work in the morning.
Papa, I’d asked you to get me a doll a long time ago.
But you still didn’t get it.
Yes, Pinky. I’ll get it tomorrow for sure.
Kapoor ji’s father would try to make him understand that…
Son, you should stop being lazy.
Father, I want to stop being lazy.
But laziness doesn’t let go off me.
I think laziness is in love with me.
Because of his laziness he would always reach late to office.
And when his boss would ask him he would…
come up with a new excuse each time.
Kapoor ji, you’re late today as well.
My tyre went flat…
and so I was late.
My car was out of fuel and so I was late.
I took a bus and so I was late.
His boss was annoyed with this issue.
Kapoor ji, if you don’t start coming on time…
then I’ll have to start punishing you.
If I come to office early then how will…
I sleep till late in the morning?
Just like this, one day when Kapoor ji was again late to office…
his boss told him…
Kapoor ji, I’ve tried to make you understand…
repeatedly but you still come late.
So today you’ll leave office one hour after everyone leaves.
What? One hour late?
Yes. Today you’ll stay an hour extra for coming late.
And if you come late tomorrow as well…
then you’ll again have to leave late tomorrow evening.
But boss…
No more buts.
Until you change your behaviour…
you will be punished like this.
Kapoor ji was very upset when his boss punished him…
but he obviously couldn’t tell anything to his boss.
So he sat down to work quietly.
His office colleague Varma Ji came to meet him just then.
Kapoor ji, take care of yourself this evening.
Why Varma ji? – When everyone leaves this office in the evening…
then ghosts come to visit the office.
What? Ghosts?
Yes, ghosts.
I stayed back late at office one evening…
and then the ghosts irritated me a lot.
You be careful.
What are you saying?
There is nothing called ghosts.
I am telling you the truth.
You take care of yourself.
I am not scared of ghosts.
I’m just scared of waking up early in the morning.
You go now.
Kapoor ji got back to his work.
At 6pm the office alarm rang indicating that it’s time to leave.
Everyone left office.
Kapoor ji was alone in the office.
Boss is so stupid.
He thinks he can punish me by making me work an extra hour…
and he thinks I’ll actually sit and work.
I will sleep for this one hour.
And then he went off to sleep on his desk.
He heard a sound after a while.
Who is it?
What? Did someone else get the same punishment as me?
I think there’s no one.
Then, he heard a loud noise.
He got startled and he sat straight.
Who is it? – He went outside to check and he found no one.
There is no one here.
And as soon as he was returning to his cabin…
he saw a file hovering on the floor.
Oh god! The file is hovering on its own.
Ghost! Run!
And he started running.
Varma ji was right. The office is filled…
with ghosts after everyone leaves.
He stopped after running for a bit.
This is really a haunted office.
When he turned around he saw the file hovering towards him.
This ghost won’t let me be!
And then he started running away.
After running for a while, he saw that…
it was time for him to leave.
Thank god, it’s time for me to leave.
He picked up his brief case and started running out of the office.
When the guard saw him running like this…
he called out to Kapoor ji and said…
What happened sir? Why are you running like this?
You should run too. There is a ghost inside.
He said this and ran out of his office.
Now I’ll come to office on time everyday.
The ghost will kill me if I decide to…
sleep late in the morning anymore.
Ghost? I must see it.
Let’s see how it looks.
Guard came inside and started looking everywhere.
He saw that one file was hovering over the floor on its own.
He went towards that file.
When he picked that file up he saw that…
there was a mouse underneath that file.
When the guard saw the mouse he understood everything.
Oh! This is a mouse.
He thought it was a ghost and got scared.
Atleast now he’ll come to office on time because of this incident.
And this is how Kapoor ji was convinced about ghosts…
all because of a mouse.
And he started coming to office on time.

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