How to Soothe Children Anxiety and Stress with Bedtime Stories

The secret for a deep and relaxing sleep

Bedtime stories for children with music therapy are designed to relieve children’s anxiety and stress, gently leading them to a magical world where characters accompany the child to a peaceful place where only love and happiness surround him, in a deep and relaxing sleep.

The purpose of the Anti-Stress Music Therapy for Children which accompanies our stories is to help the child to create a barrier of harmonic vibrations, preventing the energy of adult stress from contaminating the area of spontaneous peace and happiness in his childhood world. The story and the music surround the child in an atmosphere where he feels protected and isolated, so he can achieve deep and refreshing sleep.

Music therapy is science often used to assist modern medicine, proven throughout the world to be effective in helping people to relax and eliminate stress; and is also frequently used by psychologists and psychiatrists as an aid against depression and anxiety.

Anti-stress music therapy for children is recommended to relieve and mitigate fear and anxiety and resulting insomnia, caused today in many families by the stress of the economic crisis, the lack of personal safety broadcast every day in the communications media, etc.

All these events of daily life cause different levels of stress in the family, and a consequent loss of sleep in adults, adolescents, and children.
These stories which have been developed by us to accompany this anti-stress music therapy, are perfect for children to relax and achieve deep and refreshing sleep.

After 25 years of study and research, we are proud that our work in children’s musical anti-stress therapy has been compared with the most famous and prestigious music therapists of the world, obtaining excellent results in field studies carried out by important institutions.

Running from school to athletic activities to music lessons without taking time to relax can cause feelings of anxiety in a child.

Children can be influenced by what other children think and how they act. Conforming to these standards and not wanting to be different from others can also cause children to feel anxious.

Medical studies indicate that 53 percent of children ages five to eleven months, suffer from insomnia.

Sleep is a factor that directly affects the child’s development, since “It is during this period that the child experiences greater growth activity and development, refreshing the brain and restoring the immunological system.”

The music therapy and content of the stories will give him a new and soothing time to fall asleep. Since sleep is the best means of obtaining and renewing our energy, this represents a benefit for the entire family, by allowing the parents time and space to rest and sleep, and consequently renew our desire to continue our struggle for success.

Our Sleep and Shine stories are a wonderful tool to imprint positive thoughts on your child’s mind and to produce a profound sense of inner peace.

Our music creates a wonderfully soothing environment for everyone present

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