Chanakya Niti Stories in English For Students for Bright Future

Chanakya Niti – 1

Reading Books:

According to Chanakya, every student who has to go far in his life, who has to achieve every stage of life, who wants to become a successful person, he must read books.

You should not only read books, you should take into your heart what is written in the book. Which will also help you to solve the problems faced in each field.

Friends, you should not only be related to your subject, you should read books related to every field. There are so many benefits of reading books.

Chanakya Niti – 2

We should not be afraid of failure.
When you start any work, do not be afraid of failure because those who work sincerely, they become successful in 1 day,
But it will definitely take time to be successful, the best thing is that you will definitely be successful.
“Be nothing in life, don’t do anything,
Because if you become, people will only see you,
And you will be happiest when you do something.

Chanakya Niti – 3

Knowledge is most important in the world According to Chanakya, knowledge is such a thing that we get it for free,

You can take knowledge by listening to someone’s words, you always have to keep in mind that whenever you listen to someone, keep only the good things in mind and accept the bad things.

Chanakya Niti – 4

Don’t think that I will do all the work in 1 day,
According to Chanakya, drop by drop fills the pitcher, this rule works in every area of our life.

Chanakya Niti – 5

Always keep in your mind what you want to do and keep it determined

According to Chanakya, if we do this, then it will run in our mind that what we have to do, the unnecessary things will not come to mind. And how do we get it, that will be the thinking.
And we should not tell this to the world because the people of the world believe in seeing, not hearing, So according to Chanakya keep what you really want to do in your mind and put all your strength to do that work.

Chanakya Niti – 6

Knowledge written in books and money deposited with others never works, understand the absence of such wealth and knowledge.

According to Chanakya Niti – If someone was a scholar from books only, then he would be the most learned person from the library,
Friends, it is very important not only to have books but to read them, only then we will get knowledge or learning. So read the books and understand what she says and what she wants to teach.

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